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From former Arrow hockey players to alumni, parents and loyal fans, St. Sebastian’s is fortunate to have several members of the St. Sebastian’s community lend their support to the Henry T. Lane Rink Improvement Project.  We are inspired by and grateful to these committee members for their leadership, enthusiasm and support of this initiative. 

Henry T. Lane Rink Campaign Committee  

John J. Doherty '62 P'86 '87 GP'17 '25   
Timothy P. Doherty '87 P'17   
James L. Elcock ’77 P’08   
Michael J. Grier ’93 P‘22

Noah P. Hanifin '15  
Joseph G. Harney '92 P’21 ’24 '27
Joseph A. Hulbig '92 
Michael A. & Lori J. Joyce P ’17 ‘20  
Stephen P. Maskell '74 P'09   
Peter J. McLaughlin '55 GP'13 '19 '24 '24  
John A. Murphy P '17 '20   
John B. Sullivan, Jr. '66 P'00   
Joseph L. Tansey, Jr. '69 P'03  

Noah P. Welch '01

When you return to the Henry T. Lane Rink as a former player you want to be proud of the team, its coaches and the history of the program. You want to see that efforts are being made to provide the next generation of Arrow players the same opportunities we had when we wore the black and red jersey.


- Joe Hulbig '92

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